Arrangementet er afholdt

Vader (PL)

Hate (PL), Thy Disease (PL), The Noctambulant (US), Grimaze (BG)

Det polske death metal band Vader, der netop har udgivet EP’en ”Thy Messenger” og har nyt album på vej, kommer til Hotel Cecil den 17. september og tager Hate (PL), Thy Disease (PL), The Noctambulant (US) og Grimaze (BG) med sig.

Koncerten præsenteres af, Hotel Cecil og Creative Music.

This September polish classic death metallers VADER will break through Baltic Countries and Scandinavia! Over two years after their last invasion they return to bring total chaos with their most classic tunes and also to present new ones coming from recently released EP ‘Thy Messenger’ and upcoming full album!

Undefeated war machine will be accompanied by their fellow countrymen, extreme metal crusaders – HATE. Well known for their venomous mixture of black and death metal style, active since 1990. New opus entitled ‘Auric Gates of Veles’ came out June this year!

Third band on the bill is THY DISEASE which will serve deep and heavy modern grooves with mind-twisting electronic sauce. Brand new album will be released early September, so fresh stuff is guaranteed!

Grimaze (BG) and The Noctambulant (US), who just released their new LP ‘The Cold and Formless Deep’ will complete this night of total destruction.

18.00 Dørene åbner
19.00-19.30 The Noctambulant (US)
19.40-20.10 Grimaze (BG)
20.25-21.00 Thy Disease (PL)
21.20-22.00 Hate (PL)
22.20 Vader (PL)